To Each of Us is Given Only a Moment

“To each of us is given only a moment. Each moment.
Our faith, while uniquely and powerfully tied to past and future, is all about _now_: What will I do, in this moment of time, to reflect God’s love and grow in Christ? <…> And each moment is potential magic”.

“We must have some boundaries. Although I never wish to be limited by my job description, I must for the sake of my sanity, if nothing else, erect some fences indicating how far I am capable of going. My fences are:
Don’t ask the _why_ question.
Don’t bang your head on what you are incapable of doing.
Don’t pump your ego on what you are capable of doing.

Babies with cancer, little girls with a leg severed at the knee, abusive parents, the way death often swallows up the last ounce of energy and hope, the look in mother’s eyes on the day of her child’s last, weak grasp – these things are beyond me. I simply choose to believe, by an act of will and by the authority of the Word of God, that God, somehow, is in control”

“My greater struggle, I think, is feeling that I should be doing more. Sometimes with my bags of kazoos and maracas, I feel so helpless, so limited at the face of such suffering. I feel like a match in a desert light. <…> Again and again, I have to remind myself that I am simply to do what God leads me to do and leave the question of eternity with Him”.


Deforia Lane, “Music as Medicine”

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